Choices Health Clubs (Windermere)
Terms & Conditions

By joining as a member of Choices Health Clubs you are confirming that you are in good health and ready to exercise. We take personal safety extremely seriously and if you have any medical issue that may affect or be affected by your training then you must make that known to a member of staff before exercising. If you are ever unsure then we strongly advise you recommend that you check any issues with your doctor before commencing any form of exercise.

A copy of our general terms and conditions can be found here:

Please note that the specific terms of your contract will be available to you at the point of joining and some may differ slightly from the general terms here. For example, our 12 month contract hold a minimum contracted period of 12 months and require 30 days notice to cancel after the minimum contracted term, as opposed to the 90 day notice to when cancelling any time that is displayed in the general terms. Please ensure that you are fully aware of both your minimum term and notice period when accepting the terms and conditions of membership.